Bishopstoke Cemetery is always open except on the rare occasions when it is necessary to temporarily close the gates for short periods whilst essential work is taking place. However, please bear in mind that there is no lighting in the Cemetery and the ground can be uneven, so you will find it best to visit during the good daylight hours. There is no car parking available inside the Cemetery grounds, however, there is a small car parking area available on Sewall Drive close to the Cemetery entrance.


Bishopstoke Parish Council now has an area set aside for memorials WITHOUT interment. If you wish to have a memorial plot in this designated area please contact Assistant Clerk Cheryl Taylor on 07521 735539 or by email at cemeteries@bishopstokepc.org. The fees for a plot in this area will match burial grant requests (which grants the right to have a memorial) and will also be subject to the normal fee for a memorial application. 


Bishopstoke Parish Council is responsible for running Bishopstoke Cemetery. It is situated on the edge of Stoke Park Woods, and was first opened by Eastleigh Borough Council in the mid 1950s, with the first burial taking place in November 1958. The total area of the cemetery is 1.2 hectares and contains areas for both full burials and for cremated remains.

The housing development known as The Chase is rapidly taking shape next door, and as a result of that development, a second cemetery will soon be handed over to the Parish Council. This will be known as Stoke Common Cemetery. The cemeteries are on Sewall Drive which is off Stoke Common Road (opposite Jockey Lane, which has the approximate postcode SO50 6DX). Sewall Drive has the postcode SO50 6JE but this postcode may not yet be recognised by navigation aids.

All the relevant forms and fee information can be found at the side in "Useful Links". Please note that burials can only be arranged through a funeral director and cannot be arranged directly with families. Should you wish to speak to someone in person to talk through available options, or for any queries that you may have, please contact Assistant Clerk Mrs Cheryl Taylor. Cheryl can be contacted either by emailing cemeteries@bishopstokepc.org or by telephoning 07521 735539.

All forms should be returned to us at:

Bishopstoke Parish Council
FAO Mrs Cheryl Taylor
Parish Office
SO50 6LQ


Please note that currently Bishopstoke Parish Council does NOT allow the pre-purchase of plots.


For information about other Cemeteries in Eastleigh, click here. This will take you to Eastleigh Borough Council's cemetery page where there is a link to the EBC cemeteries searchable database. Please note that the Bishopstoke records contained in the database are only those that are more than 1 year old. For anything more recent please contact the Assistant Clerk, Mrs Cheryl Taylor, at the Office address above.

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