On this page you will be able to find the Council finance documents, including the budget, budget monitoring sheets, payments information and grant application forms.

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Every year the Parish Council agrees its budget for the coming year in January. The Council is responsible for running a number of services on the Parish, such as the cemeteries and allotments, as well as looking after the play areas and some of the open spaces, and putting on the Carnival each year.

Once the budget is agreed the Council then works out how to fund it. Some income is received from the cemeteries and allotments, and the rest comes from Bishopstoke's share of Council Tax. In 2020-21 Bishopstoke budgeted to spend around £320,000. 

Work on the budget begins in September each year and the final budget is agreed at the January meeting so that Eastleigh Borough Council can be informed of the Council Tax request from Bishopstoke.


This year in addition to usual spending on play areas, grass cutting and the various other things the Council funds each year there is a budget of £5,000 to be spent on projects to either raise awareness of or combat climate change and the environmental problems we are facing. There is also £10,000 available for measures aimed at improving the safety and security of Council property, as well as crime prevention measures. 


The Parish Council is able to give grants to local charities and community groups. Additionally the Council now has the General Power of Competence which means that grants can be given to individuals. The applications are first considered by the Finance & General Purposes Committee which then makes recommendations to the Full Council.


Council procedures state that the maximum grant is £2,000 although it should be noted that the usual practice of the Council is to limit grants to a maximum of £1,000 unless it is for an exceptional project.

To make an application, download the form (and the guidance notes) and then send it to, or post it to the Parish Office at the address below.


Every year the Council is required to put its accounts through the audit process. This consists of an auditor appointed by the Council checking the accounts and procedures of the Council, and ensuring that appropriate financial safety precautions are identified and followed. Once the auditor, and subsequently the Council, have approved the accounts they are sent to the external auditor. Currently the auditor for most Parish Councils is PKF Littlejohn. They are sent the completed audit forms in June and they then make their own assessment of the Council's financial controls. When they have completed this assessment they inform the Council of their decision, and of any problems the Council needs to correct.


The results of the latest audit can be found in the sidebar, and information from this and previous audits can be found on the Audit page.


Here you will find the latest financial reports presented to both the Finance & General Purposes Committee and to Full Council

Budget Monitoring - download the latest report

Payments - download the latest report

Statements of Accounts - download the latest report

For a full list of purchase orders from this financial year please click here.

For previous reports from this financial year please visit the Financial Reports page

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