Travel Token Scheme

Bishopstoke Parish Council runs a Travel Token Scheme to help local residents get around when they do not have a car and have difficulty using buses. The Council works with local taxi firms, the Bishopstoke & Fair Oak Good Neighbours and the One Community Dial-a-Ride scheme to provide tokens that eligible residents can use to help pay for their travel. If you feel that you, or someone you know, may qualify for the scheme, or simply to find out more about it, please contact the Clerk by emailing or calling 07368 487464.


Bishopstoke Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has again passed the annual external audit without any problems being raised by the auditors. For full details of the audit process and results of the past few years, please go to the Council website at

Mission Statement

Bishopstoke Parish Council has adopted a Mission Statement and four Aims for the remainder of this Council session.

Mission Statement: To be the voice of the people of Bishopstoke to enhance our village as a great place to live, work and visit.

Aim 1: To improve, and protect, our environment for residents and wildlife

Aim 2: To promote better health & well-being outcomes for all

Aim 3: To strengthen a sense of place

Aim 4: To encourage residents to become more involved in the life of the village

Burial Board Fees for 2022

Bishopstoke Parish Council is please to announce that, with one exception, all fees associated with interments in Bishopstoke are remaining fixed for 2022. The sole exception is that the fee for transferring a burial grant is being increased from £30 to £35.

Projects for the Budget


The Parish Council is currently considering its budget for the next year. If anyone has suggestions for projects, big or small, which they think the Parish Council should undertake then please contact the Clerk by emailing or calling 07368 487464.

Christmas 2021

Bishopstoke Parish Council would like to wish all residents of Bishopstoke a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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