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BIshopstoke Cemetery is the most rural cemetery in the Borough of Eastleigh. It was opened in the 1950s with the first burial taking place in 1958, and was taken over by Bishopstoke Parish Council on 1st April 2010. The total area of the cemetery is 1.2 hectares and contains areas for both full burials and for cremated remains.

The Cemetery is surrounded by trees and lies next to Stoke Park Woods, which are looked after by the Forestry Commission. It is often possible to see deer in the Cemetery and there are a number of badger sets in the banks around it.

Bishopstoke Cemetery is open for visitors at any time of the day, but please be respectful of any funeral that may be taking place and remember that others may be there visiting their loved ones.


General information about interments at Bishopstoke Cemetery including all the forms, fees, rules and regulations, can be found on the Burial Information pageBurials are arranged through a funeral director but if you have any questions please contact the Cemeteries Officer, Mrs Alex Luck, by emailing or calling 07368 695648.

Bishopstoke Cemetery, Sewall Drive, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6JE

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