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Bishopstoke Parish Council runs several children's play areas and open spaces across the Parish. More information about these can be found below. 

To report a problem with any of the areas please send us as much information as you can about the problem and where it is, by clicking here.

Please note - all Bishopstoke Parish Council play areas are smoke free and dog free (with the exception of assistance dogs) areas. Ball games are only permitted in certain areas. There is signage on each play area indicating the expected behaviour. 

Bishopstoke Parish Council will accept no liability for any accident, incident or injury arising from a failure to follow the rules for the play areas.

Stoke Common Play Area

Located just over the brow of the hill on Church Road, in between Bishops Court and Stoke Common Road (postcode SO50 6DT), this is the only play area in Bishopstoke with a zip wire.

Glebe Meadow Play Area

This play area is at the bottom of Glebe Meadow, next to the Bishopstoke Memorial Hall (postcode SO50 6LQ). It is a good place to come if you also want access to the wide open space of the meadow, plus the local shops are only a few hundred metres away.

There is also a basket swing and a goal on the meadow itself as well as a small skating area. This is due to be considered for rebuilding soon.

Sayers Road Play Area

This large play area is at the junction of Sayers Road and Harvey Road (postcode SO50 6GW). It has lots of different things to do.

This play area is about to be completely rebuilt. Shortly after Easter it will be closed for a couple of weeks, and then the brand new park will be opened.

Otter Close Play Area

This play area is sandwiched between Otter Close and Alan Drayton Way (postcode SO50 8NF). It has the advantage of some open space nearby, and also has a basketball hoop and goal for football.

Templecombe Play Area

Located at the very end of Templecombe Road (postcode SO50 8QJ), this play area is the most Southern of those in Bishopstoke. It is a small play area next to trees and farmland.

Brookfield Play Area

At the start of Blackberry Drive, on the way in to the Brookfield Estate (postcode SO50 8RB), there is a large open space which contains a play area, a very small BMX track, and a MUGA. There is also a small car park which is often used by dog walkers and runners who follow the path around the entire estate.

Stoke Common play area web 09.jpg
Glebe Meadow play area web 01.jpg
Sayers Road web 12.jpg
Otter Close play area web 02.jpg
templecombe road play area web 06.jpg
Blackberry Drive play area web 07.jpg



Bishopstoke Parish Council is now accepting bids for the 3 year Open Space Contract for 2025. Full details of the specification and the timetable for bidding and the award of the contract can be found by clicking the links below.

Open Space Specification 2025

Timetable for bidding

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