CLERK - Mr David Wheal

The Clerk of a Parish Council is known as the "Proper Officer". This is a legal position which every Parish Council is required to fill. The Clerk is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Parish, for carrying out the lawful decisions of the Parish Council, and for providing advice, both legal and other, to the Council.

Bishopstoke's Clerk is David Wheal. He was appointed by the Council in late 2015 and began working for the Council on 1st January 2016. David is responsible for the overall running of Council business, looking after such things as the play areas and allotments, as well as writing Council policies and running the agenda for the Council and Committees.

David can be reached at the Parish Office on 02380 643428, or by emailing For emergencies, please contact him on 07387 683675.

For specific enquiries about the Travel Token scheme please email

For information about the Council allotments and to go on the waiting list please email


The Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) is another legal position that Parish Councils are required to fill. In smaller Councils the role is often taken by the Clerk. The RFO has responsibility for the Parish finances from day-to-day spending to preparing the budget for the next financial year, and for preparing for the annual audit.


Bishopstoke's RFO is Sophie Thorogood. She began working for the Council in April 2018 on a part time basis, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In addition, Sophie also manages the Bishopstoke Memorial Hall on behalf of the Council.


Sophie can be contacted via the Parish Office or on 07444 798083. For anything to do with Parish Council finances please email For information about Bishopstoke Memorial Hall, including bookings, please email


Recently appointed in March 2020, Jen Wilkie is taking over responsibility for the day-to-day running of Bishopstoke Cemetery, the management of the closed churchyards and planning for the new Stoke Common Cemetery. Jen also works as an Admin Assistant for the Council. For information about interments - whether full burials or ashes plots - memorials or burial grant requests,


Jen can be contacted via the Parish office or on 07555 658621. Jen can be contacted by emailing Jen is also the person to contact if you have any queries or information regarding St Marys churchyard or Old St Marys churchyard. For anything directly related to church activity please visit and contact Reverend Wise.

PROJECTS OFFICER - Mrs Cheryl Taylor

Currently working on projects related to the Cemeteries and closed churchyards, as well as training Jen, Cheryl has worked for Bishopstoke Parish Council in various capacities over the years, including RFO, Cemeteries Officer, Allotments Officer and providing admin support for Bishopstoke Carnival. Her current role has come about due to the increased number of projects that have been instigated apart from the normal running of our Burial Grounds. These include digitising records from the old memorials in Old St Mary's to fully translating all the old forms dating back to the 1950s to ensure that all our records are correct.

Cheryl can be contacted via the Parish office, on 07521 735539 or by emailing


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