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One of the controls the Parish Council has to ensure that the finances of the Council are being managed appropriately is the regular reporting of financial matters to the Finance Committee.

The Committee receives a report showing how each allocated area of the budget is being spent at every meeting. Information such as what the budget is for a particular area that year and how much of it has been spent is included, along with comparisons to the budget in the previous year. It also receives a report detailing every payment made by the Parish Council in the previous month or months. This gives the members of the committee an opportunity to ask questions if they see a payment they weren't expecting, or if an amount seems larger or smaller than they anticipated.

Finally, it receives an update on the various accounts held by the Parish Council each month. It includes the total money in, total money out and balance at the end of the month. This helps the Councillors monitor whether funds are being managed appropriately.


Budget Monitoring
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