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18 months

Current waiting time

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Previously known as Manor Farm allotments, the site on Underwood Road is the largest allotment site run by Bishopstoke Parish Council, covering around 2 hectares.

There are over 125 plots on the site ranging from around 100 metres squared (4 rods) in size to 250 metres squared (10 rods) so whether you are trying out having an allotment for the first time, or have plenty of experience there should be a plot to suit you.

Each year the plot holders elect three representatives who look after the allotment shop, manage the Council's machinery and help supervise the site. They are the first point of contact if there are any problems or if you need any advice on how to go about managing your allotment.

General information about allotments including the tenancy agreement and other things it may be useful to know, can be found on the Allotments page. Waiting time for a plot at Underwood Road is currently about 18 months but this can change. Anyone who lives within 3 miles of the Bishopstoke boundary can apply.


If you have any questions about allotments please feel free to get in touch by emailing or calling 07444 798083 and leaving a message.

Underwood Road Allotments, Underwood Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6FX or SO50 6GG

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