Meetings of the Full Council have previously taken place in the the Parish Office, next to Bishopstoke Memorial Hall. This year the Council will be holding its Full Council meetings in some of the community buildings we have here in Bishopstoke. As we come out of Covid restrictions, the Council structure and meeting timetable have been reviewed, and the Full Council now meets every other month with the Finance Committee meeting in the months in between. The timing of the meetings has also been changed with meetings for Full Council now taking place on the second Tuesday in the month.

The location of the meetings is always published on the agenda, along with the start time, which is usually 7:30pm for Full Council

The Annual meeting of the Parish Council (often referred to as the AGM) is held in May each year. This year the permission to hold virtual meetings was removed the day after the election, meaning the Council met in public for the first time in over a year. The meeting took place at the Bishopstoke Community Centre on May 18th where the Council bid farewell to outgoing and retiring Chair, Sue Toher. The new Chair is Cllr Ray Dean, and Cllr Dave Francis was elected to be Vice Chair.


The current council has been elected to serve for 3 years rather than the usual 4. This means that the next elections are due in 2024.  In election years the Annual Meeting is required to be held within 14 days of the election, which is why it was held on May 18th this year. In the following years the Annual Meeting will be on the second Tuesday in May. At the meeting, the Chair and Vice-Chair for the year are appointed, as well as the various Committees and Working Groups that help the Council operate. Residents are welcome to attend any meeting of the Full Council, or the various Committees.  

The Council has overall responsibility for all the decisions of the various Committees and Working Groups, approving them at each meeting. Most Council policies and procedures are reviewed by Full Council, which also looks after Armistice Day arrangements and the running of the Travel Token scheme. The Council also takes those decisions which fall outside the responsibilities of the other Committees.


In addition to the various Committees and Working Groups, there are a number of other responsibilities and appointments made by Full Council.

The Chair and Vice Chair both take part, with the Clerk, in regular meetings with the Chair of the Borough Council Local Area Committee (BIFOHH - Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath), and its Local Area Manager. The meetings are used to update each side on progress with shared projects or goals, and to discuss upcoming items that may be of interest or cause problems.

The Chair and the Clerk both attend the regular meetings of the Y-Zone Management Committee. The Y-Zone itself is situated on Blackberry Drive and provides local youth services. It is jointly funded and run by Bishopstoke Parish Council, Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council and Eastleigh Borough Council.

The Chair and Clerk also attend the Team meetings of the BIFOHH Local Area Committee. This is so that Bishopstoke Parish Council has a voice in the decision that the Borough takes for the local community.


Other appointments made by the Council include:

  • Representative for the Airport Consultative Committee

  • Representative to Bishopstoke Community Association

  • Representative for Bishopstoke Parochial Charities

  • Representative for the Campaign to Protect Rural England

  • Representatives to the Eastleigh & District Association of Local Councils (the Chair plus one other Councillor)

These representatives all report back to the Council with updates as appropriate.


The current Council, elected on May 6th 2021 is as follows:


Chair - Cllr Ray Dean

Vice Chair - Cllr Louise Hillier-Wheal


Cllr Ralph Candy; Cllr Andrew Daly; Cllr Anne Dean; Cllr Dave Francis; Cllr Susan Lynch; Cllr Martin Lyon; Cllr Dermot McKeone; Cllr Andy Moore; Cllr Louise Parker-Jones; Cllr Mike Thornton; Cllr Gin Tidridge and Cllr Anne Winstanley.


There was one remaining vacancy after the elections in May and as a by-election was not called then the Council filled this vacancy through co-option at it's meeting on June 22nd 2021. At that meeting Chris McKeone was co-opted to the Parish Council.

Details of the next meeting are at the top of the page. You will also be able to view or download the agenda and document pack from the links at the top of the page. The draft minutes will be published as soon as possible after the meeting. Please email the Clerk if you wish to attend the meeting as there may be limited spaces available due to government restrictions.


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