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The Parish Council is able to give grants to local charities and community groups. Additionally the Council now has the General Power of Competence which means that grants can be given to individuals. The applications are first considered by the Finance Committee which then makes recommendations to the Full Council.


Council procedures state that the maximum grant is £2,000 although it should be noted that the usual practice of the Council is to limit grants to a maximum of £1,000 unless it is for an exceptional project.

All the forms and guidance are available at the top of the page. Once you have filled in the form and got together the other information you need then send it to, or post it to the Parish Office at the address below.  They will be considered at the next available Finance Committee meeting.


Bishopstoke Parish Council is pleased to have been able to help the following people and organisations so far this year.

Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Street Pastors were awarded £700 to help with their ongoing work in the Community.

MHA Communities Eastleigh were awarded £800 to help with their project documenting the history of Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath.

Bishopstoke Evangelical Church were awarded £2,000 to help with the costs of upgrading their fire safety equipment so that their building can continue to be used by the local community.

Bishopstoke Methodist Church were awarded £1,120 to cover the cost of redecorating the main hall so it can continue to be enjoyed by the local community.


The money that is collected during the parade, along with some of the proceeds from other Carnival events, is given to local charities and community groups. Over the years lots of different groups have been helped, including the Scouts, Age Concern, Bishopstoke and Friends of Stoke Park. Please note that applications must be received by the Clerk at least a week before Carnival Saturday. Grants are typically no more than £200 so please bear that in mind when making an application.


To download an application form click here or see the link at the top of the page.

Application Form


Guidance Notes


Carnival Grants

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Grant Awarding Policy



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