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Current waiting time

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This allotment site is being provided to the Parish Council, along with the Cemetery extension (Stoke Common Cemetery), as part of the development known as The Chase. There have been significant delays in this process, which was expected to be completed several years ago. The Borough Council and the developer are still working out the final details of the site being transferred to the Borough Council and once that has happened we are hopeful that it will very quickly pass on to Bishopstoke to look after so that those on the waiting list can finally have their allotments.

There are planned to be around 30 plots on the site, each initially with a shed. There is also a car park and an allotment community building on site which can be used to make drinks and have a break, as well as potentially offering a location for another allotment shop, as with Underwood Road.

General information about allotments including the tenancy agreement and other things it may be useful to know, can be found on the Allotments page. Although there is a waiting list we can't give an estimate of time as we still do not know when the site will be transferred to Bishopstoke Parish Council. Anyone who lives within 3 miles of the Bishopstoke boundary can apply.


If you have any questions about allotments please feel free to get in touch by emailing or calling 07444 798083 and leaving a message.

Sewall Drive Allotments, Underwood Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6DW.

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