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Stoke Common Taxishare

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1 Community Dial-a-ride

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Book:023 8090 2450 /

023 8090 2432.

Eastleigh Borough

Medical Transport Service

Good Neighbours Scheme

Register: 02380 600807

(Margaret or Katrina)


For all questions regarding Travel Tokens, please email the Clerk at All forms should either be emailed to the same address, or posted to the office at the address below. Please mark any envelopes FAO Travel Tokens to help us deal with your request more swiftly.

There is no age requirement on applying for Travel Tokens. Bishopstoke Parish Council recognises that difficulties using a bus are not limited to the elderly and so has expanded the scheme to cover all ages. The only criteria are that applicants are those who:

  • cannot, due to frailty or disability, use buses, or who have extreme difficulty using a bus, and

  • have limited access to a household/ family vehicle

There is a very simple application form to complete. You can complete it online by clicking here, download load it to print off and fill in at home by right-clicking here, or you can contact the Clerk, David Wheal on 07368 487464 or by emailing  for a paper copy and further details on how to apply. The Parish Council will then arrange for two members of the Travel Token Working Group to visit you in order to answer any questions you might have, check the details on the form are correct, and present you with your Travel Tokens.

If you are applying on paper please return your completed form to the Parish Office at the address on the form.

Should you be in  a position where the tokens are no longer needed, please return any left over to the Parish Office.


Taxi companies that have agreed to take part are listed below -

Kays Taxis Hackney Vehicle Company 02380 600046

Eastleigh Cabs Private Hire 02380 651111

440 Cars, Eastleigh 02380 440440

When you book your taxi, please check that the company is still taking travel tokens and that the vehicle that they will send can accommodate your own mobility requirements, for example storing a walker or folding wheelchair. You should also ensure that the taxi has an Eastleigh Borough Council licence ‘plate’ attached to the back of the vehicle and the driver is wearing an identity badge supplied by Eastleigh Borough Council. For your own protection, you should agree the fare with the driver at the time of booking.


You are also able to use the travel tokens on the One Community Dial-a-Ride-service. You will need to register before you can use the service which you can do by filling in this form. Booking enquiries can be done by emailing and you can them make a firm booking by calling 023 8090 2450 or 023 8090 2432.

Tokens can also be used under the Bishopstoke & Fair Oak Good Neighbours scheme. To register and use the scheme please contact Katrina or Margaret on 02380 600807.

Please note that no change will be given for travel tokens but you are able to use part tokens and part cash to pay for your taxi ride or your journey with the Dial-a-Ride service or under the Good Neighbour scheme .


There are some other Travel Schemes that may be available to local residents.

Hampshire currently have a Taxishare Service operating from Stoke Common into Eastleigh. For information about Hampshire Taxishares, and how to register, please click here. For information about the Stoke Common Taxishare click here.

Eastleigh Borough Council, in partnership with Hampshire, operate a Medical Transport Service.  To find out more information, and how to register, please click here. The page also has information about other local schemes that may be helpful.

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