There are two allotment sites within Bishopstoke Parish, one in Jockey Lane and the other in Underwood Road. Each site is managed on a day to day basis by a small committee of volunteers under the direction of Assistant Clerk Sophie Thorogood. To contact Sophie please email or telephone 07444 798083. We will soon be adding two more allotment sites - one at Sewall Drive, by the Cemetery off Stoke Common Road, and the other at the Breach Lane development off Church Road. It is currently possible to be placed on the waiting list for any or all of our sites. Waiting times vary from site to site. The waiting time at Underwood Road is around 4 months, whereas Jockey Lane is approximately 3 years. We expect the plots at Sewall Drive to be available in around 2 years, and those at Breach Lane around a year later. Plots on the two new sites will not be allocated until they have formally been handed to Bishopstoke Parish Council.


Allotments are allocated to the next person on the waiting list who will be offered a 5 rod plot (approximately 5m by 25m). Should they express a wish for a further 5 rod plot they will return to the bottom of the list to be offered another 5 rod plot when they again reach the top. Ordinarily no person may be allocated more than 10 rods in total within Bishopstoke. However, if a plot holder at Underwood Road wishes to increase their holding, and the waiting list is empty, they will be able to apply for extra plots to a maximum total of 20 rods overall.

Any holder who has been allocated two physically separated plots of 5 rods will be given first refusal on any plot neighbouring one of their allocations. They will be given the opportunity to relinquish one 5 rod plot in order to have their plots closer together and the plot given up will be allocated to the next on the waiting list.

Applicants will be given the opportunity to view their plot before taking it on. However, if the plot is refused by the applicant without good reason (to be determined at the discretion of the Clerk) they will be returned to the bottom of the list if they wish to remain an applicant.


To apply for an allotment plot at Jockey Lane, Sewall Drive or Breach Lane, applicants must be resident in the Parish of Bishopstoke when allocated a plot. Should they move more than 1 mile outside the boundary of the Parish of Bishopstoke, they will have to give up the plot.


To apply for an allotment plot at Underwood Road, applicants must reside within 3 miles of the boundary of the Parish of Bishopstoke when allocated a plot. Should they move more than 3 miles outside the boundary of the Parish of Bishopstoke, they will have to give up the plot.

Tenancies can be in joint names to allow more than one person to cultivate a plot. However, should a surviving joint tenant not be a resident of Bishopstoke the tenancy shall be forfeit. Tenancies shall also be forfeit should the tenant(s) fail to comply with any of the rules and regulations in being at the time.


The current rent is £8 per rod per year, or £5 per rod per year for those tenants aged 70 or over The Parish Council will review the rent annually, usually in November, and rental demand letters will be sent to plot holders the following September. Payment may be by BACS, cheque or cash.


Jockey Lane has 35 plots, a toilet and running water.

Underwood Road, has 124 plots, a toilet, shop, kitchen and running water

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