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The Parish Council is aiming to publish three newsletters a year - one in July, one in November and one in March. 

The July edition will contain any election results and will preview the Carnival; the November one will have a report on the Carnival and a look ahead to Christmas events and the March one will contain details of the Council budget for the coming year.

Each newsletter will have reports from the various Committee Chairs and the Chair of the Council, as well as news and information about what Bishopstoke Parish Council is doing. If there is an event you would like to have included in the newsletter, please just contact the clerk with all the details by emailing


The August / September newsletter has now been delivered through doors in Bishopstoke. There is information about the new Council that was recently elected in May 2021, as well as an update on Bishopstoke Carnival and Bishopstoke Memorial Hall. A reminder that the Council can provide help with transport costs for those without a car who are also unable to use public transport is included too, and finally some brief updates on the Local Plan and progress towards the Council having two new allotment sites.

If you prefer an online copy then this can be downloaded by clicking here, or can be viewed online by clicking the image of the front cover.

If you would like a large print version then please contact the clerk either by calling 07368 487464 or emailing


PDF versions of all the previous Parish Council newsletters are being added here.


August 2023 newsletter


February 2023 newsletter

November 2022 newsletter

August 2022 newsletter

May 2022 newsletter


February 2022 newsletter

November 2021 newsletter

August 2021 newsletter

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